Love Saturdays - even the chores are fun

Turns out I do need to leave the house this morning. I seriously need a hair cut.(remember the TV Ad where the gorilla mops the floor with the guy who is asleep? Modelled on me)Also toilet roll got missed in the shopping yesterday. Some picture hooks as I finish the re-arrangement of the bedroom and get my walls in order.

I thought I might also set up a coffee tray where TV used to be. I have a spare kettle in the attic, a couple of small storage jars needed for coffee and sugar, which I am certain that I have around. We must have a little tray which would be suitable. Then I can just bring up clean mugs and a small flask of fresh milk last thing at night. Just right for the winter to warm up before I have to go downstairs in the freezing cold.

I don't have to cook as we have a deli Saturday thing going on. There is French Bread, bought last night so still yum. Cold meat, hummus and some water cress. Leftover Banoffee pie if we need pudding. Tomorrow we can finish up the curry form last evening. All the more time to de-clutter. Also my bank account is sorted. Money has been refunded to me and new card has arrived. I just have to go sort the PIN and we are all good. Or we would be all good if my son would finihs his shower and turn off that dreadful music!


  1. Hello Lizzie
    You must tell us tomorrow how your day ended up - the tray in the bedroom sounds a great idea. I know you are on a 'no spend' kick but there might be an old teasmaid in an charity shop close by that would do the trick instead. Although the goods you have would do the trick as well - oh yes thats what you suggested wasn't it lol
    Take care
    ps did you sort out the email on the blog situation

  2. I remember my grandma having a teasmade about thirty or forty years ago which made a noise like a volcano for thirty minutes prior to producing a cup of tea. It certainlu woke you up!

  3. Love the deli Saturday idea Lizzie.

    We have weekend breakfast together which we look forward to and enjoy.

    Sft x

  4. Hi SFT
    We only get weekends home together at half term and school holidays so it makes them extra special. I might even buy him a croissant in the hols.


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