Um, (blogger) help please

Okay, I have been writing on here for some years but apparently I still have a lot of unknown unknowns! Any idea how I can stop being a 'no reply blogger'? I would like any correspondence from anyone, I love chat in all its forms.

My no/low spend is going well, thanks to being robbed, but the de-cluttering is going like an express train. I am totally getting into it now. I thought the place was already de-cluttered but I was so wrong. It's full! and more important it is full of the potential to all be gone.

Fahed has gone off to the funeral today. I am being taken care of by my two little boys, who are strapping great men these days so I am safe in their hands. I was hoping for an early night as no sleep last night and then a 6am start for the airport, however I forgot about Jamal's JuJitsu lesson which finishes at 9.45. Darn.


  1. Hello Lizzie
    You have to add an email address somewhere - I think its in settings but don't ask me where. That way when your comments are posted people can email a response instead of having to come to your latest post. Have one that is just for that purpose as any comments on your blog are directed there as well and can be answered direct from there.
    Possibly you could google 'how to add email address to blog' that might bring help your way
    Take care

  2. Thanks Cathy. I will give it a go.


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