What is a debit card? & good things about Easyjet

I have just rad this article. Andrea really doesn't like Suze Orman. I dont have an opinion as I have never heard of her. Is she the US Money Saving Martin? or more like that lady from Countdown who is always tying to get you to take out a loan. Anyway, I digress. I really wondered what a debit card was in this context. In the UK I know my debit card is how I spend the money in my bank. Cheques are not even taken in the vets anymore (the last place that took cheques around here) so its debit card or cash unless you want to use someone elses money. And even if you want to use cash you need to get it out of the hole in the wall with your debit card. The debit card that Andrea is describing doesn't sound anything like this, just like a credit card where you pre-pay?

Fahed phoned up from Palestine today to say that, following the funeral, his sister wants to go back to her home in Jordan so that the rest of the family can visit from Syria. They cant come to the actual funeral (politics, yeuh!)and if they did then they couldn't go home again. So Fahed obviously wants to go back with her as not much point in staying in Palestine on his own. I logged on to Easyjet to look at our booking and see if there was another flight available for him back from Jordan, as crossing borders out there is just a total nightmare even with a British Passport. I clicked an option to change flight and found a good flight. No additional charge and just a £30 admin fee. Easyjet get a bad press sometimes but I think they are great. I cant fault them, particularly on price. We love Stelios, even if he doesnt own them anymore.


  1. Hello Lizzie
    Don't have much knowledge about Suze Orman 'cept she seems to give financial advice in the states (not in Australia) and yes she does seem to be describing a prepaid Visa card which we can get here in Aus. We also have Debit cards that are attached to saving accounts here used to withdraw from hole in the wall and can be used to pay for things same as cash - comes straight out of your account and much easier than carring a whole lot of cash around as well. I tend to use my credit card and pay off weekly - have a book where I record all purchases, check balance online daily to see whats come through and then pay off weekly. Yes I know OTT but thats me - if I have cash in my pocket I spend it on silly things whereas unlike others I really think about using my credit card. CC gives is FF points and we do actually use them.
    Good on you for sorting out the flights to your benefit as well
    Take care

  2. Hi Cathy
    Soudns like your set up is similar to ours. With us the debit card is the defaulkt way to spend from your normal current account. No such thing as OTT about looking after your money. OTT have money to look after way after everyone has nothing!

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