Almost New Year

Being a finance person my new year starts on April 1st.

Normally April means change of salary, or it used to in the olden days. Also new, and higher, annual costs for council tax & water. Interest charges on the mortgage in the days before these things varied more often.

I have taken the opportunity to make a new changes in true new year style.

*I have two remaining credit card. Small amounts on them and we just use them for holiday flights etc. No more. Today I shredded them in the card shredder at work. Then I cancelled the direct debit (where the card co chooses how much I pay every month) and set up standing orders (where I choose the amount) so that they will be history within the year.

*I have set up the standing order to pay the new council tax and water bills for the year. all of the other bills are paid by direct debit and just carry on from the previous year.

*I have set up a standing order payment for my sons monthly tuition fee. It seems to be a bit hit and miss how they collect it so it gets left and then they add a late fee. This way it is me in control again. I like that more.

* I have upped the monthly mortgage payment by £100, so each months over payment will be around £250 now. I haven't spoken to the bank yet but I believe this knocks another couple of s off the plan.

* I had reviewed the shopping and petrol budgets and made an effort to re-build an emergency fund.


  1. How organized you are! One of my coworkers asked me about raises this year and I said, raises? What are those? I think I remember they were something people got 5 years ago. We should bring that tradition back.

  2. I was looking for something to do which didn't involve really doing anything! Pay rises, definitely the way ahead.

  3. seems pretty on the ball to me. my aim is to divest my husband of his credit card!! it only accumulates interest, late fees and random charges for 'payment protection' as far as I can make out!!


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