Okay, I forgive

Whilst having someone a little more conventional would be nice, just sometimes, I should appreciate more. Fahed is still blissfully unaware that something for Valebntiens day would be nice but he did phone earlier to ask where I put the chicken, as he is cooking something which sounded suspiciously like Himalayan Chicken Curry for dinner tonight. As it is half term he has only a few lessons at the weekend and the rest of the time we can go out for the day. He reminded me that we have this time and where do we want to go? I am thinking it might be nicer to have someone who wants to cook for me for no reason, and who wants to go out with me for no reason, than someone who remembers artificial days of celebration.


  1. When you put it that way it sounds pretty good.

  2. Now how could you have doubted him, Lizzie - He loves you in hisown little way:)

  3. Sounds good to me. I didn't get nor expect anything either. There's something to be said for just being together.

  4. Okay, I forgive. He is pretty cute anyway.


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