Food for thought.

My friend was chatting at work today and said he is thinking about retiring next year. What? He is way too young, only a little older than me. But truth is he will be fifty five in 18 months time and then he can claim his private pension. Obviously he will get a load less than he will by waiting until he is 60 or 65 but thinks it is worth it. But, and here is something I had not really considered, he is only thinking of retiring form this job, not working completely. Just the stressful level.

Well this gives me a whole new something to think about. In my mind I work at this job or similar until it is time to retire and then I don't work anymore. But maybe there is something out there that I could do part time or from time to time. Doing something fun would be good but what about not being the boss anymore. I tell myself that I am not status conscious but I really like being a senior manager. I enjoy the job and the way that I can kind of build my own working week and choose my own projects. Losing my seniority would mean losing more than just cash (and quite a lot of it).

So what do we think? 55 is the beginning or the beginning of the end??


  1. The beginning! Any time you give up some stress and add more enjoyable work I am all for it! In fact, it is my goal.

  2. Hi Daizy
    I am absolutely coming around to your way of thinking. Clear mortgage asap and then concentrate on enjoyable sutff


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