Well that really is cold

I wont be hoping for snow for a day or two now. The boiler has packed up. Yesterday evening we noticed the house was feeling especially cold. I thought it was just that the temperature had dropped even more but it was the boiler had gone out. And can;t be lit again. Apparently we need a new thermo-coupler. So I bought one and now we just need a bloke who is qualified to fit it.

So tonight we have the gas fire on in the front room. It actually very efficient and I would assume cheaper to run but it means we have no hot water and there is no heating in Ahdel's work area & bedroom. he can either give up studying fro a few days or I can chip the ice off him every few hours.

Our front room (no, not really).

So we are all snuggled into the front room. We had a lovely warming chicken stew for dinner, another advantage to having Fahed home. Jamal is wearing his dressing gown over his clothes, Fahed is wearing his track suit and a fluffy blanket. I am the start of the show in my nightie, pajama bottoms, bed socks and a my slanket. Ha, ha, I got the last laugh, no one is macking the slanket now!! I would be starting on my crochet if my hands weren't so cold.


  1. I hope you found someone to install the thermo-coupler by now. Extended cold loses its novelty pretty fast.

  2. Bravo on the very practical slanket. I do hope it won't be needed for too much longer though.


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