I can do anything I want

and I can prove it. Ha ha.

As part of our first day of training we did a number of exercises to establish what type of person we are - think,feel,create,believe. I scored high in most areas but not especially so in thinking. I was high but it didn't dominate me in a way you would expect for someone with my qualifications & who had made my career choices. In fact my highest influence was Creative. Not the first thing you would imagine for an accountant and senior finance manager. I do get to use my creativity more as a senior manager but not much place for it in finance generally.

I was asked to explain, if I could, how a creative person came to be in a finance career in the first place. This was immediately after some relaxation exercises so I was vulnerable to dredging in my memory.

I worked in an office when I was young. I found it deadly dull and had no ambitions with my career. I enjoyed traveling and worked to earn money for that. I had no interest in material possessions, still don't, so my money went for experiences not things. Whilst I was off travelling one time I met my now husband. We returned to England & had our two boys. When I was pregnant with Jamal, Fahed had to have an operation. A part of his hip had to be transplanted into his arm. The transplant didn't take and it would take three more years before it did. During that time we were seriously hard up for cash. So when Jamal arrived I made a decision not just to go back to work but to go to well paid work.

So I read up on accountancy and found the concept fairly easy. I got into the business by applying for a seriously underpaid job but by asking for college fees to be paid. I got the first job I applied for. After nine months I passed my exams, qualified as an Accounting Technician. I left the job (hated it)and worked for an agency. I studied for my accounting qualification & was offered a permanent job as the second organisation that I did temp work at. I worked my way up by studying, learning everything I could at every step of the way and by working very hard. Within the organisation I am as high up as I will be be. I don't have the level of commitment necessary to be a director. I am only here at all to provide for my family and to have an interesting time.

As I am coming up to age fifty now, I think it might be time to let my creative self have its dominance. I have already proved to myself what I can do. My biggest problem now is deciding how to narrow my choices.

Wow, all thsi from day one. What will I be like after day three!!!


  1. I must admit that I am glad our company does not do any team building exercises like this. I think we would all kill eachother. I love hearing stories of how people came upon their careers though. It seems a lot easier in hindsight.

  2. The training is all voluntary so it tends to be people who would get on just because they chose it.
    Whats weird is that I had forgotten really. I just 'do' finance. Couldn't really remember why. very weird how our heads work.


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