Day two

We all had to swear to confidentiality at the beginning of this course so that everyone could relax and be themselves. By the end of day two I can see why. We had some emotional times today. The last exercise of the day involved drawing a picture of what we hate about ourselves. My first fail of the day. Hate is way too big a word to use about anything I feel about myself. I am not mad about being overweight but it doesn't bother me that much, which is why I don't do as much about it as I should.

Day three is the middle of next week. I cant wait but I do realise that I got less from the course, along with the only chap on the course,than a lot of the others did. This isn't because I wasn't paying attention but because I am already quite centered and self aware. Operating in 360 was how she put it. She asked us both if we wrote a diary. The guy kept an actual written diary and I, of course, have this blog. For me this is confirmation of the importance of writing here. Its not important if it gets read (but it is nice, so feel free to continue with the occasional comment)because the mere act of writing is helping me to be in the moment and to be centered. And I seem to remember that slowing down and simplifying was what brought me here in the first place. So really what I have had here is confirmation that my wacky ideas are not wacky and that they work.

Cheers bloggy mates, good one.


  1. I am just catching up on your news and could not believe my eyes when I read about the potential fees in Crete!

    Your course at work is good timing. Helps to balance things out.

    Any word confirming what you have heard about is true?

  2. Hi MW
    I know, its not good. Nothing yet and my German guy seems to have disappeared......
    No worries, I can take it!

  3. Time to hire a Cretian? (Is that what they are called?)
    It is good to know that at this point in life you know how to manage yourself. It would seem that they should be teaching this stuff in school, but then kids wouldn't listen anyway would they?

  4. I hadn't really thought about kids but really it would be an investment. In its most basic form it is about realizing we all have different way of thinking and that understanding others is better for everyone. I could teach the course in five minutes (not)!


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