Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Mid week whoop whoop!

So madly busy this week and no time to post but I wanted to write that we got our annual mortgage statement. We broke through the £200k barrier. Including over-payment we paid off around £8k this year. Its a nice psychological barrier to have gone through but not enough for me. I am over-payment by an average of £200 per month. Obviously as I bring the balance down then more is coming off the capital and less is being wasted in interest. 2012 I plan to reduce by more than £8k. If I write it now then it makes my choice more real.


  1. yeeehaw! Just put my 'over payment' up by £100 pcm. not hitting the £8 grand mark but hey. at least its going down a little eeny teeny bit.

  2. All going down is good going down! Well done

  3. Yay! Great job! Those big number changes sure are motivating.


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