Thursday, 2 February 2012

Thursday! Family, Houses & Stuff

So Fahed is back & life goes on. It is nice though. Monday I came home from work and all my menfolk were lounging around laughing and watching episodes of SG1. Lovely. They claim to have only just got home from various work and colleges but I am suspicious they all had a scivey day and I was the only one working. He has finished will one lot of meds and our GP is happy to start cutting down the next lot. He is going to be so full of energy he wont know what to do with it all. Yaay.

So now, another week has already raced past. Tomorrow it will be Friday again already. I don't really have plans for the weekend except to get a bit of cleaning done, to pop to the Asian supermarket to top up on Fahed supply of chillies. And to continue stuffing articles from around the house into this weeks charity box. I was reading about tax deduction for giving things to charity in the states. That would be lovely. Kind of hard to assign value to all the junk going out of here but I could try. I am sure if I get rid of enough stuff then my house will start to feel big enough for us. Sometimes I think I would like a bigger house and more land. Then I remember I have barely enough time to clean and care for the little house I have. Plus we love to travel and intend to do it more and more as we get older, so madness to be lumbered with a bigger house. I would still like one sometimes though!

Oh, and I nice extra good reason for getting Fahed home. today he made Beef Stew & Burghal for dinner. And there is enough for tomorrow. Result.

Now I am whiling away a happy half hour watching the Hairy Bikers make piccalilli until Fahed gets home from work.

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