Re-fill day

Today is a serious shopping day. We are out of almost everything. Luckily for me my personal shopper (Jamal) is happy to trawl around everywhere with me. I am so going to miss him when he finally gets into the merchant navy.

The plan is;
Matalan - for a few bowls and dishes as we are two steps away from eating from paper plates all of a sudden
B&Q - Brass carpet tacks - Fahed & Jamal are laying the stair carpet next week.
In Excess - to price p wood for a cabinet they are building to fit a corner of the kitchen
Lidl - Stock up on tins
ASDA - Main shopping

Just about to make myself a list plus a list of errands & chores. I am going to be a super efficient lean mean shopping machine today....maybe.

Next week we have the insurance assessor coming to look at the water damage on my sitting room ceiling. Also I bought a Groupon voucher this week to have the oven and cooker hood professionally cleaned. I had a credit on my account from a gas boiler service I bought last year which had never been carried out, so half of that went on the deep clean.

Oh and this month I am going to spend my pocket money on a few new items of clothes. All my work clothes have suddenly really worn out. Its time for them to be recycled. I found something I liked on ebay and when I clicked on to the shop I was pleasantly surprised. Some really nice outfits but quite affordable. Not Primark prices but very good for what yo get.

Let the shopping commence