Totally drained

So after my training on being a more '360' person this week I had a way more emotional week than normal. One of my staff, a new manager who only started with me in December, suffered a stroke. Right in the office, in a meeting. She is still in a drug induced coma but we should hear more by Monday. I have been stressing all day yesterday that it was caused by me or her work load. This from a woman who used to work for Sir Alan Sugar. Surely I can't be worse than that. Then I felt guilty about thinking about me instead of her and they tell me her blood pressure was fine when the ambulance came so it was probably an existing problem. But my god, I just feel so bad and I hate being so powerless. I like all my staff near me and happy, I am like an old mother hen, to not even have been there to travel in the ambulance was awful.

So we had a really busy week, and more of the same next week and all I can think about is my missing colleague.

I have volunteered to take a two day mentoring course. I feels like something I ought to be able to do.

Looking on the bright side with 'my lady'. Thank god it happened at work, in an office where their were nurses. She lives alone. I can;t begin to imagine what happened if it was Friday night when it happened. We wouldn't even call her until Tuesday as we would assume you had a meeting elsewhere or whatever. So scary.


  1. How awful. I can't imagine how scary that would be. I would like to think that my coworkers would go looking for me around Monday lunchtime if I didn't show up. It probably depends on how busy they are that day.

  2. This is the problem with having three main offices and her being a manager. I will be making sure I know where everyone is from now on,thats for sure.


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