Snow = Creativity

That should maybe be 'threat of snow'. I haven't been stuck indoors but I felt that I could be.

I made a birthday cake for my brother in law. This was the last of the reduced Delia Christmas cake packs. They were really good. Just a normal cake recipe and normal ingredients but the fruit has been packed in alcohol since forever and it tastes amazing even when the cake is newly baked.

I have done the prep work for a few jars of plum jam. I need a a little sugar and some more jars, from my mum. and we are ready to go on Sunday

Dyed my beige jumper blue. It is a cotton acrylic 50/50 mix, so picked up enough dye to colour it. What was I doing buying beige? I am not 50 yet!! It is now a stonewashed denim colour. Much better.

I made a hot lamb stir fry for Fahed's lunch/dinner. Very basic but just right for him especially in this cold weather. I stir fried some lamb shoulder meat, added some straight to wok noodles (from Approved foods)and served it up with a bottle of Tabasco. He was delighted but the meat, the simplicity and just this once for the lack of veg. He loved it so much that he asked for the same again on Sunday. I think the fact that it is a meal you can eat with a fork whilst wrapping yourself in a fluffy blanket might also have improved its popularity. Even with the heating on it is cold when you have spent 7 hours standing about in a swimming pool.

I have found and washed some old pieces of cross stitch. Once dry I am making a coaster with one piece and maybe framing up the other piece for my bedroom wall. The larger one was once a cushion cover front that I made in my teens (yes, they did have craft materials that long ago) but got a bit messed up over the years. I am now trying to rescue the main design. It may or may not be staying.

I believe that all of my de-cluttering might be influencing my creativity. Is it a matter of less time cleaning = more time to play?

Today I am going to set myself thirty minutes to throw stuff away in the study again. These short bursts are really productive. I don't get bored and am way more likely to ditch things. I need the area cleared soon as this is where Fahed does his college homework, language study etc and at the moment I have pretty much trashed it for him.

oh, and whilst i am in photo mode. This is my sitting room. Very cozy.