Icy icy cold

Okay, I am aware that -12 is not cold in plenty of places but around here its as cold as I can recall,ever. That's the supposed average temperature across the country today. Here the car said -5 when I moved it this morning. Even I have the central heating on.
I am reading a few blogs as I have my coffee with a view to having the world fastest shower and hair wash shortly. I feel I might regret donating my jumpers to the sallie army this weekend.

Top up shopping (under £50)
Clean and tidy (keep moving and keep warm?)
Finish drying the washing. I am going to use the tumble dryer as it might keep the kitchen a little warmer.
Finish a cushion cover for my mum's birthday present.
V|sit a friend and hope her house is warmer.
Visit my parents and know their house is going to be warmer.

Update; I had to edit as the poor spelling in the title was bothering me. So whilst I am here.....My shopping came to £48 which I thought pretty good but which is even better as it includes £14 on a jumper from ASDA. It's beige (so not my favourite colour) but has a few horizontal stripes in pale blue and red. But the good thing, well things really is that it is cotton/acrylic mix, feels lovely and soft, looks hand knitted and its a design which you need to wear over a t shirt so it can be worn a few different ways. Very good value I think. The beigeness is already bothering me though so it might get the dye treatment shortly.

Early today I heard a cat crying outside. I couldn't find it but later on saw it curled up in a corner out front. So still I actually thought it was dead. Now I am worrying that it got shut out by mean owners. I needed something extra to worry about obviously so tonight I will be checking front and back garden to see that its okay. Not sure that Ace (the bird) will be happy but we might have to have a strange cat round for a sleepover, particularly as snow is forecast for tonight. My oldest son is on cat duty as he is even more of a soft touch for the four legged than I am.

We are half expecting snow tongith


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