Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Extra small disasters

I cant remember if I mentioned my broken tooth in amongst all my other disasters last week.

Anyway we are progressing. Gas man came Monday morning to give us a quote. I was sure we were talking new boiler so £80 for a fix was much better.

Washing machine turns out not to be covered by my household insurance as I cancelled 'accidental damage' at some long forgotten point. I have ordered a replacement door and door seal. The menfolk have stripped it down. So far cost is £40 so assuming it is successful then not so bad.

Tyres have arrived. Total cost £220. Could have been a lot worse than that. Fahed is persuading someone at the local tyre place to fit them for free.

My car cannot be seen at the garage until Friday. I await the bad news.

My tooth repair is paid for (£47 all in - I love you NHS). I have to wait until Thursday to have the work done as my dentists was in a minor car accident.

Other news:
My immediate boss has resigned She is moving on the a more challenging post. She is really nice and I will miss her. However she can be a bit too hands on and I feel that I might not think quite so much about retiring early now. On the other hand she might be replaced by someone awful so it could be no fun at all!

Today at work we had two 'lunch and learn' session. I was one of those who had to present but i found that , although i had a little of that kind of rising panic feeling in my chest, I was actually not that nervous. I seem to be better when I know my subject and don't have to refer to other peoples words. I have two more session tomorrow lunchtime. That also eans two days of free lunches!


  1. The worst part of all that to me would be the broken tooth. Of course it would cost me around $1,000 so it would also be the most expensive. Glad to hear that most of those disasters were not as bad as they sounded.

  2. Its not great but at least it is at the back. Wow, big money, i will stop my complaining. I am trying to cheer myself up with the thought of how much I didnt have to waste becasue Fahed can fix stuff

  3. Ouch! I do hope things settle down for you soon and you're able to find someone to put the tires on for free/cheap!!

  4. Ow! Broken tooth! Hope the car isn't too bad. Well done on the good presenting!

  5. Everything is still falling down around me but I have decided to smile as it is happening!


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