Saturday, 10 March 2012


Last night was my late Christmas party with some of my mates from work. I apparently can't party like I used to because its now afternoon, I have been up for hours, and I still feel dreadful!

So I am doing my penance. Cleaning. On Tuesday Fahed & Jamal are fitting some more new kitchen cupboards so I have to prepare everything. The contents of the current cupboards are in baskets within the cupboard as it is easier to manage in that way. I do have to clear the work top again though but that's good really as it means I can sneak more things into my charity box. The conservatory is a proper mess. There are a box and bag of charity stuff. Three boxes of kitchen stuff. Aarrgggh! But it will be sorted soon.

I don't want to dwell on how bad the financial stuff is looking this week. The £60,000 investment in Syria went down to £30k, then £20k, then £10k and now nothing. It's a small deal for us compared with the poor souls living there but all the same, not so useful.

Update on the Crete house is that we need to find 25,000 euro. You begin to see why I might want to concentrate on cleaning instead of money, it's all just too depressing. And I feel awful still.


  1. Oh Lizzie! I'm so sorry to hear about the financial news. Will time bring the value of your Syria investment back up?

    I hope you had enough fun at the Christmas party to make up for feeling not as well today.

  2. Hi MW. We still have the land in Syria, so hopefully it will have value again.
    Oh yes, it was fun. Not too often though!


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