Blog list is back and other bits of organisation

I noticed that I couldn't see the contents of my blog list from my view of the blog since I moved it around last week but didn't realise everyone had dropped off completely. Anywhere I have re-imported from my reader so hopefully everyone is back.

I am always telling the kids that we need to eat more healthily, or more accurately live more healthily. Suddenly they started telling me the same thing!!

Anyway everything is already cooked from scratch and full of veggies but we do eat too much generally and specifically too much meat. We don't have a meat free day more than once a week. We could do better.

We are also aiming to be more active.

Also aiming to spend a lot less and waste nothing. Ahdel has very little work over the next few months & I also want to get his car up and running. I also have some specific goals relating to renovating the old Crete house so we need to have a real tight grip on the ££££'s.

So in an impromptu family meeting we created a few new rules for ourselves;

Smaller portions.
Healthy meals
Two pasta meals a week
One vegetable soup meal each week.
Try to eat together at the dinner table as often as possible - not at all easy as we are rarely all at home together near meal times but we will try.
On a Friday we will menu plan for the coming week so that I can shop on a Saturday.
No mid week shopping.
One wii fit night
One night a week where we all go for a walk together - we live on the edge of the country so plenty of nice walks about here.

I have a couple of things to add which I haven't mentioned yet.

I am not reducing the food budget but all leftovers will be added to the holiday fund (which sounds mildly exciting but is actually the renovation fund and probably means buying concrete blocks with the it).
Bring my exercise bike back from Mum & Dad's house. I lent it to dad when he had his new knee and it was perfect for the job but now he is good as new so I can have it back.

Fahed also included keeping the place tidy on the list. Now that might not sound like it has an obvious connection to health and fitness but it is to do with his depression. When everything is neat and tidy and feels under control then all is good. When it isn't then its not so good at all then that is when he is most likely to overeat and least likely to get up and do any moving around. It will be great if this actually works as I currently spend my entire home life tidying up. I am still giving away bags and boxes of stuff to charity on a weekly basis based on the theory that eventually there will be nothing left to make untidy.

Yesterday my sister was away at a Christening so we are having our Easter Celebration dinner today. Can't wait.


  1. Ican so relate to that notion of getting rid of stuff so that there is less left to tidy.

  2. I need to get rid of an exercise bike that is just taking up space. I'll mail it to you!


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