Sunday 8 April 2012

Lets start a happiness revolution

I was reading this and fostermummy led me here and my default setting is happy, so I just had to join in.

We had some training at work recently and we had to say how we feel on good, bad and indifferent days and I explained that I am pretty much always happy. The next day one of my staff collapsed with a stroke and the following day my boss's husband had a milder stroke. Since then I am very nervous of saying I am always happy. I certainly wasn't then and I feel like it was all my fault for thinking I was immune, kind of, to the troubles of the world.

Today I have at least ten things to make me happy.

Nest of blackbirds in the honeysuckle on my shed. They are growing so fast that the nest appears to be overflowing with little feathery bodies.

Four days off work. Yaay.

Weather is a lot better for the Easter break than the snow that it was suggested we would be getting. In fact I am basking in the sunshine like an old cat on the sofa.

My husband and sons here with me today, laughing, eating and watching some weird 'guy' film.

Tomorrow my extended family all meeting up at my parents house for a re-run of Christmas dinner.

Got my 'new to me' car and can now drive around without problems.

Making plans for renovating the old house in our summer holidays. I always enjoy having something to look forward to.

New power lead and battery have arrived for 'Rupert', my laptop, and we are now functioning as good as new.

Hyacinths on the sitting room windowsill make the whole downstairs of house smell amazing.

Bonnie, the girlfriend of one of my sons, wants to play Sims but my son has rigged up our spare TV in the conservatory so that I don't have to sit through excruciating boredom of it until I disembowel myself with a blunt spoon. rESULT!


  1. always good to think of things to be happy about. x x

  2. LOL love your list! the last one made me laugh, sims is about the most boring thing i could ever imagine! Thanks for joining in :) Your on my revolutionaries list now too xx

  3. Your list is great, especially the last one ;-) I joined the revolution too! Have so many smiles reading all the lists. Arwedd x

  4. Hi All
    I am reading everyone else's lists today to keep me all boncy and positive

  5. I love the list...but calling your laptop 'Rupert' gave me the biggest giggle!
    Jane x

    1. I like the way that everyone, including friends of the kids, have adapted to refering to him as Rupert, not mum's laptop. Hehe!


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