Does everyone else update plans this often?

Is it just me or do all of us spreadsheet queens (and yes, that is the correct term)update and tweak our plans all of the time?

This month I am accommodating (financially!) the guy to fix the boiler, the guy to fix the appliances, the parts for the washing machine and dishwasher, two lots of car Tax (after the fully taxed car died). And then Fahed is now in plaster so, as a swimming teacher, not a lot of work for a few weeks. Spreadsheet tweaking is our only chance. Anyways, somehow I have done it. Ah, yes and the guy who failed to remove my broken tooth but did put me off dentists for a while. Oh yes, and paying a massive amount to no longer insure the car which died.

A couple more tweaks though,official notification of my pay rise came in this week! Yaay, it is real. First one in three years. Not as much as they were back in the day but 2.75%. So that is rippling through the budget.

Next thing, we normally have an amount each for pocket money, for petrol & Fahed has a small shopping allowance. I then give him any extra money towards savings. Well he, thank goodness, has decided this isn't working. Although he he paid for car repairs and other bills which don't figure separately n the budget he gets mixed up and can't remember what he spent. He wants to go back to getting a single amount monthly to include his petrol money & know that he can spend the lot if he wants to and it won't damage us at all. Now I wasn't going to suggest this because that is what brought him on board with the whole idea of budgetting but I did have a little sigh of relief.

So hte new way is, I give him some money, i pay the bills and then i keep a very tight grip on every other cent! Works for me.

A while back I started taking part in the 365 de-clutter challenge. Well this morning Jamal & I took a back and two more huge boxes of stuff to the Salvation Army after we did the shopping. I feel i can officially stop counting now with a clear conscience because I have giving away over 500 items. Do you know I think I can actually start to see a difference! Lets see what another 500 does to the place.