Successful meal planning

Ahdel is sensitive to milk and cheese, and is not a great lover of fish.
Fahed will eat most things as long as they are fresh, natural and homemade (frozen food is mystery to him)but he doesnt like spagetti as he claims his sister once served him up a worm in with his spagetti! Bread makes him swell up like a helium balloon but he does love it.
Jamal goes thorugh phases but really will eat anything and is especially a carnivore.
I like most things but bread gives me a headache and carbs are generally not good with me.

So here is the thing. I think we finally have it sussed. I involved everyone in the meal plan this week and so far so good.

We started the week on Sunday (yep, I know)with spagetti bolognese (very heavy on the veggies).
On Sunday night I made a really nice lasagne with the remaining bolognese sauce. Ahdel was going to his girlfriend's dad's house so I didn;t need to worry about his cheese/milk problem.
So Monday was lasagne & Salad
Tueday Jamal & I finished up the lasagne and Ahdel & Fahed has tuna & sweetcorn salad with jacket potatoes.
Wednesday Fahed made a lovely mushroom and veggie soup. He served it with burghal (bulgar wheat) and there were chunks of chicken in it. Jamal was away so missed out on this but there may be some chicken left for him tonight.
Tonight (Thursday) we have enough of the soup, sans chicken, for all. Burghal for two and homemade bread for the rest.
Tomorrow, tomorrow, what can I come up with tomorrow to keepo the positive momentum going.

And lunches have been leftovers or beans on toast etc all of the week.

So far no waste at all. So far all good healthy food with plenty of veg. And tommorrow is veg box day so I get inspired all over again.


  1. How difficult that must be. I think the people in my house mostly eat the same things. Of course there are the usual vegetables that the 12 year old turns his nose up at.

  2. Tough Callao plan for all of that. Well bloody done. Am one super healthkick just now. Still on anti biopics, so trying to eat to support my body through that. But we All eat different meals in our house. What can you do. Lots of attempts at planning anyway.

  3. Argh. Typing on an iPad. I meant to write. Tough call to plan for all that.

  4. Hi Daizy, its okay we are basically the same so I only have to accommodate sensitivities not fussiness, so that is less irritating.

    Hi Moira
    Yep, you take care of yourself. Never give up, its taken me ab out a quarter century to stick to one for more than 3 days!



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