New House Plans

We have rented, we have bought (still living the first house we bought), we have but using a builder (still got that one too) but we have never built all by ourselves. So we (by which i mean Fahed) had a plan. We are going to build/re-build are other house in Crete ourselves.

The house is about the same as our house in the UK, just over a century, but I am guessing our building regulations are a bit more stringent as this house is as good as new. The other house though is in bit. The main old bit which was stone built has largely fallen down. The first extension and second extension are rough but still standing.

Before it fell down and something like ti will look like again.

The still standing firm bits are two rooms, one houses a large old style oven and I would guess that it was originally outdoors and they just built around it. The other room has a water supply but no obvious use. This summer we will concentrate on these two. Move the water into the 'kitchen'. Re-enforce where necessary, render and paint. Level, concrete and tile the floors. If we have time then we will start to build the main rear wall of the rest of the structure. We will use concentrate block, the type that you fill with concrete and iron rods for support.
My start of the art 'kitchen'. Apparently the oven is still good for pizza and bread.

I am really excited about this. I am already planning whether we can take some additional holiday later in the year to get us further.

So excited!


  1. Wow - where did that idea come from?? My Mum always said it was the quiet one you had to watch out for and he certainly kept that hidden lol
    Good times ahead working as a family - No rest for the wicked eh?
    Take care

    Cathy @ Still Waters

  2. No idea, it just popped fully formed out from somewhere. i think it is the frustration of sorting out all things legal on the new house, we feel we need to get on with someone whilst we wait.

    Oh and I am also blaming Daizy at as she is always p to something too!

  3. Wow Lizzie! How long do you think it will take?

  4. This is a really great idea! Hope everything works out fine.

  5. hi
    Sorry i am slow to answer, my emails went in the spam bin.
    Laura, we like to do everything ourselves so my guess is three visits at least.
    Thank you Andrea


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