Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Yaay, new car!

Well new to me, not really new. But as of tomorrow I have a new car. Our mechanic made an offer for the old car. Tomorrow I will empty the car, syphon out the petrol (might need a hand with that but darn, it is expensive), remove my CDplayer/radio. Then it's all change. I don't really like change when it relates to buying stuff & potentially choosing wrongly and buying something which is rubbish.

Just like this one

Sooooo this weekend is Easter and we have four days off. Friday I am home alone as the crew are all off to a Triathalon in Oxford. Fahed has a few hours works after that and again on Saturday & Sunday. We don't have plans for those days but i think some friend visiting, a little food shopping and maybe a walk around the car boot sale if the weather is nice. Monday we have a big family meal together at my parents house. Simple and enjoyable. Did i mention there will also be some serious sleeping in.

Easter bunnies


  1. Bet you are like a kid with a new toy once its up and running - I wonder if you will have to fend the others off to actually drive it as well??
    Enjoy the break - you deserve it - hope the weather is good to you
    Take care
    ps Knowing you live in a seaside area I have a post you might be interested in

  2. Nice car! That shape of car seems to be really popular now. I never thought of taking the petrol with you. Is that a common thing there?

  3. How does it feel driving your new car? Did you also use this when you had your Easter vacation? For a travel enthusiast like you, I think you made a good decision in buying this car. You also made the right choice in selecting a silver color, it looks so formal and elegant.

  4. Mr M - I will check it out
    Tyra - thank you, it is lovely!


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