Not superstitious at all but I really didn't have a good Friday yesterday.
My boss, who is leaving in a couple of months (yaay) starting off by telling me off for not writing a letter to someone. I found her email asking for the information from me so that she could write the letter and my reply giving it, but of course it wasn't her fault that she didn't do it - it was mine. The afternoon was made up of another 3 hours of pretty much the same.

So I was very glad to get home. The day improved immeasurably when Fahed, Ahdel & Bonnie claimed to be popping up to ASDA and then came back with a takeaway curry meal for everyone. A treat from Bonnie. Bless her.

Shortly I am off to do the shopping and buy some washing machine bearings with my son. By the time we get back Fahed will have finished work until his voluntary class tonight, as it s still Easter holidays, so we have a day together to do as we wish.

For my part I will try to not to dwell on the perceived injustices of yesterdays one to one, as I firmly believe my boss is out of her depth and losing the plot.


  1. Ugh, I hope that behavior from your boss doesn't last the whole time until she leaves. How awful.

  2. She was all over me today, i can have whatever i like! All very odd but nonetheless i am looking forward to the change now.


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