Sunshine makes me smile

I have my Friday one to one with my boss running through my head still but the sunshine helps today, plus the knowledge that she is leaving of course (ha, ha).

Some garden time this afternoon I think. It looks okay out there, i need to cut the grass and have a little tidy. I have some lovely cowslips from my mum to plant. I have instructions to shake their little head when they are dead and they will self seed all over place.

Mum and dad's little green house is full of exciting new life. Later in the year I will be given tomato plants (which I will fail miserably to manage properly), and other bedding plants. Best of all I will get a share of the harvest, plums, beans, tomatoes. So spoilt.


  1. That is a new flower for me. I wonder if it grows over here. My mom planted 2 tomato plants. So far so good. Let's see if she can keep them alive for 60 days and actually get some tomatoes. I have not had much luck with tomatoes in the desert but then we have shade and plenty of water at the house so she is already ahead of me.

  2. Hi Daizy
    Apparently cowslips are the forerunner for primrose and polyanthus, the are the original wild version apparently. It takes about 4 months to get tomatoes from plants here. i covet your sunshine!

  3. 4 months! Wow. That takes some preserverence.


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