Sunday Night Update

Well all change since this morning.

The kids have got my car working, bless them. My car will hopefully keep going for the next week or so whilst we sort out Ahdel's car (Harvey). It's quite hard to manage without cars because we all work at different times, in varied locations. Ahdel starts work before the first bus twice a week and finishes after the last bus on the other days. A bus goes from right beside of our house to the bus station which is ten minute from work. Sadly the first bus is at 10am and the last one leaves town to come back at 4.45pm. Hard to know what there customer core is expected to be but not people who go to work I assume. Fahed is on the bus route for some of his lessons but has to take a ton of stuff with him for the kids and I don't want him having another heart attack whilst he climbs up the massive hill with load of baggage. We will manage.

Last summer we decided that we would move the ceiling fan light combo from the sitting room. We could never turn it on as its too dangerous for the birds so we moved it to Jamal's room. It is hotter up there so more need and there are no free flying birdies (like most peoples rooms). So we replaced it with a fitting which looks a bit like branches but we accidently bought one which has halogen bulbs instead of the normal type, and if course we don't keep spares. There are five and it was way too bright at first so when the first few failed we thought it was great and discussed how much nicer it looks. Yesterday I failed to notice we were down to one halogen bulb. Of course it went. Now we are sitting around in candle light. It's quite nice but kind of hard to see the keyboard. I must make an effort to get some bulbs tomorrow. No excuse now I have a car again (briefly).

We are all watching old stargate re-runs on TV. The kids and their mates have gotten into it and they, along with Fahed, have plans to get through six episodes tonight. I am not always a big TV fan but this is kind of fun.

My dad and my sister both have bird boxes in situ. Neither has had a let even though they have had a few viewings. We, who have made no effort at all. have a lovely nest of clammering babies in the honeysuckle on the front of the garage. And a second nest, being tended by a mummy robin, on top of a jar of nails, on the top shelf of the shed. Looks like the birds have finally forgotten we ever had cats and have forgiven us.