Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday Scrub Up

The day started beautifully with my prize winning. We had a lovely gentle day. The sun was shining and we got some time together as Fahed's arm is still in plaster, so no water work. We made plans for our holiday (building plans, not the conventional type), we investigated making cheese and salami. We made plans for my birthday treats. We will be going for a few days to Alton Towers, a theme park some distance from our house. We are postponing it for a few months so that my sister and brother in law can come to. My niece gets married just a few day before my 50th birthday but she can;t leave on her honeymoon until the weekend so my sister doesn't like to go off on holiday and leave her! So for the actual birthday I am coming up with a few ideas of things I would like. So far I am tihnking a day out at the Harry Potter Studio tour. We are all HO fans but more importantly we love movies generally and would always enjoy a studio tour. Animals are my other great love (and books, and travel, and the works of Stephen Fry) and so i thought it an omen that London Zoo is open until 10pm on my birthday. I am contemplating a drive up to London in the day, late lunch at a Syrian restaurant and then to the zoo for the 6pm late entry.

So I had a lovely half day with all our plans. And the Fahed remembered that the insurance company are coming tomorrow to fix the water damaged ceiling int he sitting room. And we have to completely empty the room. And then the sky darkened to black and the heavens opened. Mother nature obviously knows how I feel about emptying the whole room! Anyway i have had a proper good clean out and it just remains to move the sofas, Ace's cage and the coffee table and rug before bed time. The room looks a lot nicer half empty. I wonder if I can sneakily dispose of whole cupboards without being noticed. maybe not.

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