Monday, 23 April 2012

Life was too easy

The guys turned up to fix the ceiling. The sitting room was not empty enough. We had to take the TV from the wall and the curtain rails too. They are not just fixing the ceiling. they are completely taking it down and starting from scratch!

So everything is in the conservatory and the room looks huge, and we find we like it like this so some things must go. Then the men of the house started to get ideas. Some skirting board needs to be finished, then it all needs to be rubbed down and varnished, the are repainting the walls, and then they decide to hire a sander and take the wooden floor down a couple of millimeters and varnish. Oh yes, and then they decide they will take a wall down to get an extra 5 inches of space. AAAAARRRGH. At this pointed I joined the conversation with a reality check. Before I got chance to speak the started planning to knock down the wall to the kitchen, make a big sitting room and move the kitchen to the conservatory. I stepped in to explain that as soon as Ahdel's back is a bit better he will be back at work 5 days a week and Fahed will have to do the work all by himself. He decided to tone it down a bit then. However it does look like we will get a lovely bright, nicely decorated sitting room out of it. Perfect!

Jamal got his exams result for the first stage of his Maths. He got an A for one paper and an A* for the second paper. I am a happy mummy all round. I wonder how well he would do if he was not so lazy!! I don't suppose he could get better than that.


  1. Oh my. Don't ever go on vacation by yourself. You might come home to an entirely different house!

  2. Indeed, I remember I had a night away with work once and the bathroom wall disappeared. Fahed looked like a kid with his hand in the biscuit tin when i asked him what all the plaster dust was!


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