Circus without animals

We haven't been to the circus for years. Last time was in Cyprus in about 1990. So many sad looking animals, it was a complete nightmare. I booked these tickets after I noticed a flash on the ad which said 'no animals'.

We got there nice and early as it was a distance away. We opted for ringside seats straight ahead, which is why I assume we felt so much part of the show. It was awesome. The clowns were funny, not scary - and I don;t actually like clowns! The ring mistress sang throughout. The show was fast paced and exiting. Modern and traditional. And so so scary. I was not the only one who screamed or covered their eyes at times. I saw no safety net or ropes. By the end of two hours I was an adrenaline soaked wreck. If Gerry Cottles circus is anywhere near you then go along. Best £10 you will ever spend.

By the time we were walking back to the car everyone wanted to stay for another performance, or help out around the place, or just learn to be a trapeze artist. I had to point out to Fahed that I thought 48 was probably too old to run away with the circus. I hope he gets over it!

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  1. That sounds fun. I've only been to the circus once as a child. They said they had a unicorn but it was a one horned goat. I was very disappointed.

  2. oh no, i can see that would be a disappointment. Definitely no goats at this one!


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