Tuesday, 12 June 2012

How is it going?

Jamal is still studying, so no housekeeping contribution from him. Ahdel has a bad back, ripped muscles & awaiting physio, no sick pay so no housekeeping contribution from him. Plus I am paying for his IT course. Fahed lost his best paying job. I can't say it isn't a bit tight but so far we are managing.

We are being very sensible and creative with meals. I have re-introduced puddings. We are eating less and eating more healthily. The thing which is making it all possible is that we re all in it together. The kids are really making an effort and no-one is hassling me for stuff we can't afford (and probably don't need anyway).

Tumble dryer died and I have left it dead. I haven't been quite brave enough to get rid of it yet but if we can cope through the winter then it will go. I have plans for under cover drying. That was one of my worse power wastes.

Jamal and I made a deal that we wont have so many baths. We both love them but it uses too much gas.

We are even driving at optimum speeds in the cars to save fuel. Plus using the car which runs on LPG whenever we go out all together.

To me it is proving that it gets harder and harder but we can adapt. I could cringe to think of how wasteful I have been in the past. Shopping for overpriced unwanted junk, wasting food, easing too much, TV left on, computers left on. Oh goodness me.

whilst I am having a bit of a pat myself on the back for coping session though, I should keep it in perspective. We have a big mortgage but we have a good salary from me and a good top up part time wage from Fahed. Our property portfolio isn't worth much any more but it might be again one day. I suspect the trick might be not 'up-spending' again if things ever get better.


  1. Hello Lizzie
    I had to give up my baths because of the drought - the Millenium Drought is well and truly over now and we have become careless and think the rains will be there for ever. There has been talk this week of dry spells again so you have got me thinking about our water comsumption 'again'
    Take care

  2. Hi Lizzie;

    You have a super family and working together is what makes and keeps you strong.

    It has been a challenging year but you are proving just how much control you do have. The world will sort itself out in due time.

  3. Hi Cathy
    We have so much water at the moment it is unbelievable. One months rain in 24hours last week! The gas to heat it costs too much though.
    Hi MW
    They are pretty adorable sometimes!



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