Sun is finally I stay inside and do cleaning

Well it is my own fault. I have been a bit slothlike this week but also the kids ahve been doing to odd job for me (hanging doors, fitting door handle etc) and they always leave mess. So today I am just going to make a plan of action and attack the whole mess.

Completed so far;
Grocery shopping
Sorted clean washing which is already dry
Sorted jewelry board and added some to my ebay selling stock
Cleaned basin and loo in upstairs bathroom

and now:
Put away shopping ( I am in the sitting down for five minutes, post shopping situation right now)
Empty dishwasher
Re-stack dishwasher
Wipe around rest of kitchen
Clean kitchen floor
Pick up in sitting room
Vacuum floor and chairs, and wipe any dirty marks away
Vacuum Stairs
Vacuum and tidy Bedroom
clean bath & tiles
Clean bathroom floor

and some non standard stuff that I wanted to complete before Fahed got back

Empty TV cabinet in bedroom (we don't have a TV up there anyway), remove to conservatory photograph and offer on eBay.
Empty German chest of drawers in conservatory and move to bedroom - or else there is nowhere for my tea/coffee etc. This will be used to store cameras etc.
Re-arrange furniture in conservatory so that the table is by the 'window' to the kitchen and the actual windows to the garden are not partially covered, as now.

Wish me luck..


  1. Your list makes me tired. I only did -shake rugs, -sweep. I hope I have more energy tomorrow.

  2. I only got half way. Also hoping for more energy on Sunday. Sometimes i would like to be 20 again, if only for the energy levels.


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