Friday, 20 July 2012

Starting holiday thoughts

I have never rented out my house in Crete. I don't have an English style cooker, although I have hob, lean mean grilling thing, toaster oven etc. Also the landscaping isn't done. The old house is in bits right beside of it. This year one of my colleagues has asked if he can borrow the house. He and his wife want to take both of their mothers on holiday. I am quite interested to see what he thinks of the area, our little village and the house. I am always afraid that visitors wont like it as it is a bit of a quirky area but everyone we have ever taken out there claims to have loved it.

Anyway I am thinking that if I get positive feedback from my mate and his crew of elderly ladies then I might just see if anyone else would like to go there. It must be the most sensible financial action I suppose.

Ho, hum, what to do. And what to charge?

This is the old fella in one of our favourtie places. I made him pose like this!


  1. Someday I want to rent your place. It looks beautiful and quaint. I wonder how many hours it would take to get there?

  2. You can stay for free, honest. How many hours and how many plane changes. You should maybe couple it with visits to Italy, France etc once you have got this far.


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