Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sunday Lunch

One of the nicest things about Fahed being away is that I get invited to Sunday lunch at my parents house. Proper old fashioned roast. Last week we had three types of veg, all fresh from my dad's garden. He is complaining all of the rain made everything rot in the ground but obviously a few little bundles of vitamins made it through. My mum always invites whoever's partner is away, in hospital or whatever. Its really nice and breaks up Sunday for me.

I got about half way through yesterdays list before I collapsed in a big heap. My energy levels are so low I hope it is from where I was ill a few weeks back, rather than a permanent change as i get older. This whole age thing just sucks!

Fahed phoned last night. He sounded a bit 'un-cheerful'. He is ready to come home and missing us but I think a lot of it was also to do with the non stop screaming I could hear in the back ground. Both nephew and niece (who spend all day at their mothers apartment as they have the two apartments directly above her) have small children who scream, all of the time. That must be very wearing. Especially in a culture where it is normal to stay indoors most of the time. Lucky I am not there, I would be a complete basket case by now. I love kids and even their noise but screaming like a fire alarm non stop is a step too far for me.

Okay, best force my lazy backside off the sofa and maybe get a couple more things off my list before I trot off to lunch.

Sun is shining. Yaay!

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