Nap attack

It is five weeks, i think, since I had my allergic reaction. I still feel like cr@p. Surely this cant be right. I have no energy at all. I haven't done anything useful in ages. If i breath deeply it feels like a punch in the chest. I have been avoiding it but i guess i have to go back to the doctor. We have three and half weeks in Crete coming up. Our plans are mostly for work to be done but all I can think of is snoozing, big time. I didn't thihk life begins at fifty meant life begins to get you down at fifty! Grrrr


  1. Oh no, you don't want to sleep through your Crete trip. Back to the doctor and I hope it helps!

  2. It sounds like you need to go back to the doc Lizzie :(. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  3. Maybe just the first few days?
    Yes, doctor it is, i think. :)


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