London 2012

Very unusually for me, I stayed up until 2am. Of course watching the opening ceremony. It was amazing, very quirky and British. I can't believe my eyes with the skit with Queenie and James Bond. Hilarious how she then sat there her usual somewhat poe faced self but with the ruffled up hair. Hilarious.

I really liked how appreciated the volunteers, the stadium builders and so on weree. Not invisible as they can be.

It was completely barking mad but quite brilliant. My favourite combo.


  1. I have heard so much about the Opening Ceremonies, I really must find out how to watch them online since I missed them. I feel left out.

  2. The bit about the NHS went on or too long and Paul McCartney couldn't sing )never could but its worse now). Avoid these bits if you can get the rest on youtube.

    USA had the best outfits. Team GB were all dressed like an Ali G/Elvis hybrid with white and gold shell suits.

  3. I guess the NBC network owns all the rights and isn't showing the opening ceremonies. I am sad.

  4. There were a lot of complaints about NBC apparently. I hope you can see a bit of the actual games, you guys are totally owning it but I am happy with our third place too Not bad for a little old country


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