Last week my shopping came to £104 (eek). The week before it was £41. This week I am aiming for around £30 to average us out at £60 per week. I have spent more in the past but I am feeling the pinch, like everyone, and I find I am less wasteful if I at least vaguely meal plan.

This week I planned chicken curry with bulgar wheat to last two days, which was very successful and popular. I do make an amazing curry! Mid week should have been lamb pitas but Fahed wasn't feeling so well so the minced lamb or those is still in the freezer. Instead I made a lentil and lamb soup which made a little meat go a long way as it is mostly veggies, lentils and beans. I made recipe up and was surprised how well it went down (literally). Ahdel was going out to dinner with his girlfriend or their third 'anniversary' but they postponed as the soup smelled so good. I also added a plateful of leftover potato salad to this which smooshed up as a thickener. It was the olive oil and garlic kind of potato salad, I don't think a mayonnaise version would have been nice.

Last night we had sausage sandwiches. Not in the plan but they were good, and we redeemed ourselves a bit by using wholemeal bread and having them with a salad.

Today I am roasting a piece of pork which has been in the freezer for months. As it is not nice cold then maybe I try to make something like a cassoulet with the letovers.

I am lucky that in this house no-one thinks it is odd to have the same thing or more than a day or that leftovers are never wasted (or at least not until they smell sunky or grow their hair).

Last week the sitting room and kitchen got the full spring clean attention so this week they just get a quick swish around, then it is out to the back room to carry on with the sorting and re-arranging of furniture. I like the sense of achievement that comes with seeing a real difference.

Another cup of coffee and my toast and I am on it!


  1. Haha...I was thinking of the mayonnaise version but since I don't know what half of those foods are I didn't know the difference anyway. I bet they are tasty though.

  2. oh yes, mayo version wouldnt be nice. Come over for dinner!

  3. Not sure why I am appaearing as Fahed, it is still me


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