Joining Froogs

We are joining Froogs. Stoptober in this house refers to spending. We are sorting ourselves out and getting more on track then I can ever remember.

Fahed seems to have taken over cooking most of the time, which is creative and economical when he is in the right move, and he certainly is that now. The biggest problem us his love of garlic, pretty sure it is not popular at my work, Monday and Tuesday we had a soup of black eyes beans, lentils and chickpeas, The garlic, coriander and cumin made them wonderful.

Tomorrow Fahed will eat at college (lunch is £1.50)and the rest of us can manage with left overs or toast. Friday will be egg and potatoes. Sounds horrid but its lovely when Fahed cooks it and there is no garlic (thank goodness).

My first visitors to the Crete house are loving it. They tell me they are not coming back and are squatting there for the whole winter Pretty sure that is a good sign. I still wont let to strangers but if someone wants to borrow the house in exchange for some money towards the water or electricity bills they can have it. \a|Assuming, that is, that they promise to be kind and friendly with my neighbours.

Finally I am thinking about my sister in law. Actually the youngest one of my many sisters in law. She has an awful life with a horrid husband and thoroughly unpleasant children. I want so much to offer her a home her with us but the Home Office wont be happy with that idea. She is from outside of the EU so they of course believe she should stay there. And anyway where would we put her in our little house. Just one more thing to worry about.


  1. I really must try getting out of my spice rut. I don't even know what coriander and cumin taste like even though my mother brought some cumin with her when she moved in.

  2. We like coriander seeds not the fresh herb. Tastes kind of like a spicey lemony taste. Pretty sure you call it cillantro or something but certain. Cumin is that background taste you get with indian curries. Yum. Come on dive in that spice rack""


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