Day three to five

Its still happening, breakfast at work, coffee & tea is always free at work anyway, taking in lunch, cooking dinner and making do. In fact we seem to have managed on leftovers all week. Odd. Tonight we are having potatoes cooked in the oven with chicken The chicken is boneless chicken thighs and we have one each. The gravy is chicken stock with the juice of a couple of elderly oranges.

Anyway we are getting into good habits. And just as well, did I mention that Fahed's car dropped down dead.

and something very weird (maybe connected) has happened to me. I, a person who avoids x factor Britain's got talent, i'm a celebrity, big brother and every other but of reality dross but I am hooked on the Great British Bake Off. I almost feel guilty about it,
but not quite. Just try it before you judge me!

Tonight Fahed & i are watching a bit of TV (including GBBO above) some knitting for me, fill the dishwasher (anyone else remember when these were called washing up machines?), get the laundry washed. Then tomorrow I have enough housework to make it fun and homely but not so much that I feel I wont finish what I want too.

I love weekends.


  1. not tried the bake off. but we have Strictly now. oh dear! can you post about what it is you eat and buy. because am very impressed at your budgeting skills!

  2. Haven't quite reached there yet!
    Will do but basically just starving everyone!!


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