Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Day 2 -#FQStoptober

Not too bad. Shopping done at Lidl as they only thing left to eat in the house was the pets (and there is not much meat on a cockatiel and a Bourkes Parakeet) Shopping was £36 but there is enough food for ten days.

I then came home to find that Fahed had cooked eggy spuds for dinner, tastes so much nicer than it sounds like it does. I also bought supernoodles (the Lidl version - 18p)and savoury rice for daytime meals for the men.

This evening I am packing up some boots which I have sold on ebay. I have three more items finishing this week. And I am knitting my fingerless gloves (slowly)which isnt actually saving any money but feeling very virtuous nonetheless.

And, just remembered, I haven;t yet chosen my gift from Fahed's poker winnings. I feel very rich today!!


  1. Please post the recipe for eggy spuds? I'm always on the lookout for new frugal recipes to try xx

  2. blimey lady. how the hell did you manage £36. I know am doing organic and all at the moment. but what the hell did you buy?
    what are you going to eat???

  3. Hi FN - eggy spuds coming soon

    Hi Moyra we had a whole load of stuff in stock!

  4. Are a couple of backyard chickens as trendy there as it is here? Sometimes I think I want chickens but then I remember how loud they were when I was a kid and I don't really want them. My parents eat eggs like crazy though. If I didn't live in the suburbs I would probably get some laying hens for the parents.

  5. Talking about having chickens is very popular but not so many actually have them. A couple of people in my office. I dont want the trauma of more animals. I can only cope if they promise to outlive me!


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