Frugal Financial Facts

The F on my keyboard is sticking so obviously Frugal Financial Facts was the best subjective choice for today. If it changes to ugal inancial acts half way through then dont be surprised.

As part of my frugal review I re-visited all balances and records as well as looking at current budgets.

Fixed costs - monthly bills excluding fuel, food, entertainment etc

June 2011 £2273.41

November 2012 £2037.39

I now cover Ahdel's training bill of £135 per month. This also includes paying highish car insurance for Ahdel as he is a young driver.  I am quite pleased with this and hadn't previously realized how much change we had made.

Mortgage and other debts;

June 2011 £242,114

November 2012 £223,563.

I can do more but actually I am not displeased with progress When i look month on month it seems like you get nowhere but this is definitely somewhere. Continuing to pay at this rate will mean (using a very basic calculation of 20,000 over 18 months means repaying of £1111 per month) all clear in sixteen years.