Now with added Frugal

I needed to stop moaning and being negative. Now. Buck up! I am stopping right now and being positive. Negativity helps no-one. I might even say this is a positive re-enforcement post to get me on my way

Sending $500 a month to Syria, for the time being, is good Good for them as they can eat! Good for us as we can adjust accordingly and when its all over (please let it be soon before we lose someone) then we can overpay the mortgage by the same amount. That will reduce my remaining mortgage period to 15 years. Still a lot but much better. Plus, of course, I wont stay at this rate. I will add more and more over time. My current aim is to be mortgage free in ten years but I am happy to adapt to a shorter period.

I have reviewed every element of my bills budget and renegotiated down in most cases. We still have some luxury which could go if needed but does add to a life at the moment. The biggest one is Sky TV. We didn't have this for several years but I found that we laugh together more when we have it so for the moment it stays. The TV is also an awful luxury. Its too big and too wasteful. Its old and falling to bits so we will consider what we have next.

I have dropped my shopping bill from £100 per week (475 adults) to £75. Portion control, no waste, all home cooking less protein.

Transport costs are fairly controlled. My little Golf can last two week son £40 of fuel using it for work shopping and local visits to friends. Fahed's gas guzzling 4x4 (guzzling LPG not petrol so less bad for environment and purse than otherwise) has died and is being replaced by a Vauxhall Astra after much soul searching. Fahed isnt good with change and Frankie Frontera was a part of him but he is managing to adapt.

People who live here will are varying slightly. Ahdels girlfriend Bonnie, who says she lives with her mum but seems to me to live here, is moving in with her sister. I am encouraging her to eat, shower and do laundry at the house where she pays housekeeping although she does sporadically give me a % of her HK bill. I will find it easier to budget when we are the same number of people all of the time. Jamal is currently applying for Deck Cadetship positions. If successful he will be away for 9 months each year. I will miss him so much but he will get his degrees (hopefully) without any student finance plus of course, most important thing, he gets his career of choice. Ahdel is still studying and working part time but I will be happy when he earns a little more and can pay his own tuition fees, car insurance and maybe even contribute some housekeeping funds. The good thing is though that we live happily togther and we can manage even if things get tougher.

I am hoping that if I report back on any additional income each month then I might be inspired to make more effort. Also I do quite a bit of mileage for my work (on the weeks when I travel more then my £40 only lasts one week). I only claim this periodically so that I use it rather than fritter it away. Additional income I am expecting this month; selling Ahdel upgrade phone, still sealed. They are going for up to £200 on ebay. I am selling Fahed's old phone. Envirofone would give me £74 but I will try ebay first. Ahdel is going to give me £100 as he has been paid for some work he did a awhile back. I will advertise Frankie Frontera on eBay  The car isn't drivable but it has new tires & other body parts and the LPG system is worth quite a bit.

So onwards and upwards. Positive and with added frugal.


  1. Keep going Lizzie you'll get there....although I know sometimes it can be very hard! :)

  2. And just so endless,, but it will end!


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