Growing veg.

Every year I am going to do this. Does it ever get anywhere? No. I forget to go out into the garden when I get busy and the next thing you know there are just a few dried up pots. My garden is generally 'okay looking' as the plants that have survived understand the rules ( I will occasionally make a fuss of you but not often and you cant be guaranteed any water during the summer, so man up).

However this year I have managed to be slightly different, so far. It might be age related but I have edible plants in pots and they are not yet dead!. A chili plant, some parsley and a nice bushy basil. Not much but a start.

To build on this (dubious) success planting garlic is next on my list. During November I am going to plant out a wooden planter that my husband made me years ago.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.


  1. Good luck Lizzie! I've totally given up trying to grow anything lol

  2. In theory (lol) this should be fool proof! famous last words............


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