Positive Action

I am going to stop bemoaning my ills (for a while anyway) and leap into action. I need to free up an extra $500 each month to send to the family in Syria until things improve out there. So time to get arse into gear.

Utility contracts ends next Wednesday. I have just tried compared the meerkat (you know the one) and money supermarket and they both conclude that my only cost effective option is to stay where I am at the higher rate or move to some dodgy company that gets 1* reviews and save myself £20 per year. or the time being I am sticking with Eon.

Home insurance. This has doubled per month. Directline, which got missed in my original searches as it doesn't come up on comparison sites,takes it right back down again. I will move 1ast November.

My car insurance. Not expensive but I am not thrilled with the provider. Its all paper based and doesn't suit me at all. Plus they changed my provider when I didn't send them something having given me 14 days to reply, whilst I was in Crete or 22 days. I paid the extra at the time but I am happier with online correspondence and account management. This will also save me £10 per month so, win:win.

I only looked at these two because when I was insuring Ahdels car last week with Directline line (this isn't sponsored by the way but Directline, if you wish to send me some money I will send it to the needy in Syria!) and both moves save me money. The house one I was looking for because of a recent increase in premium. The car one just because they irritated me a bit with the correspondence thing, not that I was expecting to find a cheaper supply.

And because I am being all cheerful and positive I am not going to dwell on the fact that the TV appears to be on its last legs just two months after the extended warranty ran out (such a coincidence). Or that the dishwasher is dead, not just dying but actually gone. Oh yes, and we have not yet replaced Fahed's car.

On a more positive (again) note. I was reading somewhere yesterday about the idea of a negative 100 things concept. The idea being that between now and Christmas you get rid of 100 things. I am there! I dropped off three bags of goodies to the salvation army centre last night and they already contained over 100 items. Yaay, I am a success at something.

Time to get my lazy arse out of bed. Hang the washing out to dry, wash up (old style, no, i know it wont kill me) and go do my shopping.