Adding to my repetoire

First on my list, I started of a huge vat of sauerkraut. I took a few photos and if it is successful then I will blog about it.

I made a lovely soup from the leftovers veggies. Mostly mushrooms, but also an onion for flavour, a green chilli and the outer leaves of the cabbages that are fermenting. The soup also had chicken stock, black pepper and milk. Once it was cooked I blitzed it with the hand blender. That is my lunch for Monday & Tuesday sorted.

You may know I have to be a bit careful of introducing new foods with Fahed. His fear of change does tend to cloud things. That said I can try any one of a hundred recipes for, for example, curry, because he likes it so it doesn't seem to count as new (yes, the rules of change are quite hard to understand here). So anyway I made sweetcorn fritters. He looked nervous when presented with them but manfully tried them. After some minutes he admitted they were nice but a bit doughy and could have done with being more spicy. Next time I will let the batter down more and add chilli flakes & a little more salt. However it did get acceptance so its on the list, and the kids will be easier to win over than the old fella. Yaay, victory!


  1. Corn fritters, another food I have never eaten or tried to make. Keep the ideas coming!

  2. Bit stodgy. Need a bit more work on the actual recipe. i will keep you posted!


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