Saturday is my favourite day

I love my job, I really do. But I very much enjoy my weekends, especially Saturday. And its not because I sit around doing nothing all day, its because I don't. I just do ordinary chores. Strange what pleases us as we grow older (up?).

Today started at 7.15 with making coffee or Fahed & I and breakfast or him (a bowl of branflakes, nothing to challenging). We have the top of one of the chest of drawers in our bedroom set up for this so I don't need to go downstairs at this point as long as I remember a flask of milk the night before.

As he has his brekkie and coffee then I power up his laptop and read out the headlines of news, and maybe a bit of gossip.

Then he is of to work so I spend a few minutes on Facebook (its dull but I am trying hard to be more sociable). Then onto my favourite, into my reader to catch up on everyone's blogs. Including today asking Carla to include me in or a wallet pack so that I can follow her on-line tutorial. During this time I hear Ahdel & Bonnie going off to work (house of swimming teachers)and plan my day.

Today's plan:
Car boot sale at the local school when Fahed comes home from work. We don't normally bother with car boot sales but the school one is always good as it is in a fairly well of area. I do like rummaging through posh people rubbish! The local 'Estate' had a car boot sale a few years back on the field next to their lake and everyone who lived on the estate, which I assume are all staff at the big house, had a stall. It was hilarious. All saddles, oil paintings and bone china and the sellers were actually having a whale of a time. However the school one is good enough. I bought my mountain bike in there some years ago or £15.

Come back and set dinner going. Beef stew with dumplings.

Work in the conservatory. The guys rearranged the furniture yesterday so that the extra freezer and fridge are less conspicuous and the nicer furniture more so. Today Jamal is removing a radiator or two to make everything it better, then I can do a bit o cleaning and put everything back. We hardly ever put the central heating on really no point in having the radiators dictating the layout. We will store them in the shed though, so that they can easily go back in should the temperature turn seriously Artic.

Possibly start making the sauerkraut with the winter cabbages I bought yesterday, depending how we go or time. Also possibly setting up a ginger beer plant, maybe.

Later on, dinner all together.

Visit to my friends who are just back from holiday in Turkey. Then to my parents this evening whilst Fahed goes to his voluntary work followed by cash poker. Not sure how cash poker differs from ordinary poker but its only twice a year, its on a Saturday and goes on 'til early Sunday morning, but with the same people as normal.

Sounding dull and uneventful? Not to me, fortunately.


  1. Do you have a little refrigerator in your bedroom for the milk? That is an interesting idea to have your cereal all ready in your room. I never thought of that.

  2. No space for a refrigerator. I have to take up an insulated jug of milk at night, along with the clean bowls and coffee mugs. Stops the kids from pinching all of the cornflakes too!


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