A little closer to homemade

We have always been 'homemade' fans when it comes to meals, puddings, cakes and even sweets but there are a few things where Fahed hasn't adapted to the British DIY way of things. Houmous is always bought. It was bought, I imagine from somewhere like a deli, when he was a kid in Syria and so it is always bought. This week the shop only had weird houmous's with added red peppers, with coriander and all sorts. He wasn't happy. No change is taken well. He gave in and made houmous. He & I both do this from time to time but he is never as happy with the results as he is with his little supermarket tubs. This time though the kids over-ruled. The HM stuff was excellent and they didn't want the other stuff again. He is admitting they are right We, the supporters of HM, have won! Yaay

Now there is no stopping us. Last time I made sauerkraut he liked the taste but was nervous of its origins (like stuff in a tin could be any better???). However this time it has been agreed in advance, mine was officially better! I will make more.

There are just a few more items when packet is best. Baked beans, pita bread (my normal bread is better than shop bought but also causes Fahed to inflate like a balloon, which is funny for us but not for so much for him)salad cream & mayonnaise. Oh and yogurt. My matter what I do my Greek yogurt doesn't turn out like Greek yogurt.

Fist houmous then sauerkraut, next the world


  1. Wow, you make your own sauerkraut? Is it difficult? We are wanting to attempt baked beans in the slow cooker next.

  2. I have made it once It was easy and not at all as I was expecting. Two winter cabbage are now sitting in the fridge awaiting their new destiny!
    My friend made baked beans once and it was an all day experience. She was a bit disappointed to find they tasted exactly like heinz beans when she had finished.


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