Feeling crafty

I printed off my (hopefully idiot proof) instructions from Carla today. I plan to borrow my mums sewing machine at the weekend and try to make my own little patchwork purse. i love nearly all of Carla's creations so if I can make something similar I will be a happy bunny.

I have also bid for a large large ball of chenille wool on eBay. I am going to attempt to knit a shawl. I am even going to see if I can remember how to knit cables into the patter I used to be able to knit and knitted a ton of baby clothes but that was 20 years ago. In fact I used to do a lot of things back then that I don't do anymore. I might have to invest in some seriously strong glasses but I enjoyed being productive and think I would again.

So between now and Chrissie, a patchwork purse, the beginnings of a not entirely simple shawl, some embroidery/stitchery/cross stitch.

Good for keeping my brain functioning (my new boss is into work life balance - it is no longer frowned uon to go home)and for keeping my finger joints flexible. And possibly for keeping me off my lovely little laptop Oops.