Some additional pre Christmas prep

I have started on the gift buying. I have to be creative as we have 'rules' to abide buy. This years gifts include something to eat, to drink and to grow. pretty sure everyone has enough clutter so I will try not to add to that.

On Friday I went to my first party of the season. It wasn't actually a Christmas Party but a leaving party for a couple of colleagues. Everyone seemed to be in Christmas mode though so it was great. On Sunday we attended a birthday dinner for a friend who is also a colleague. We have at least five more events planned and that's just with my work makes. I am sure there will be plenty more with friends and family.

So I thought i should probably go carb free in between these events to avoid turning into a complete telly tubby by new year. I started this morning. Low far yogurt for breakfast (Rachel's, so yummy), some cold meat and cheese for lunch. The weird thing about not eating carbs is that you get a lot less hungry. very weird. For dinner Jamal made chipotle chicken noodles for everyone. I had my chipotle chicken with sliver of carrot and mushrooms. I craved the noodles even though I don't especially like noodles until I cant have them. So not feeling hungry is weird and craving carbs I don't even like makes me even weirder.

Last time I tried this I lost about 12 kilo. I have put about half back on but now have stabilized. My plan is to do something similar again. I should be slender by the time I am about 80! That's okay, there is no hurry. If it bothered me I guess I would make more effort but my cholesterol is low and my blood sugar is fine. Sometimes I even get chatted up a bit, despite being overweight and middle aged (its good for the self confidence!).

We planned a short trip to France with the family before the break but the trips are not on offer after Fahed breaks for Christmas so its one less events but does save us a few pounds.

So anyway that's my plan. How are your Christmas plans coming along?