Monday, 31 December 2012

Farewell 2012

I can't believe another year has passed. Getting older day by day. The kids are getting older so fast that I can't keep up. Ahdel will be 23 in January. I only seem to have brought him home from the maternity unit a couple of years ago. My dad is 85 tomorrow. He is not impressed but because of his new knee he is actually in way better condition than he was in 2009. He went or proper walk on Christmas day and again on Boxing Day. He doesn't like too much fuss but I thought that maybe we could all visit him tomorrow, I have texted my sister or them to join us, and maybe go or a little walk together after lunch, then share birthday cake and a nice cup of tea (how very British!)

So today we say goodbye to the year which I turned fifty (and we go to the year when Fahed turns fifty, or forty nine or eight or seven). It was a good year for the most part. My dad was too ill to travel to Crete but fully recovered (after giving s a proper fright) and will be travelling with us in March this year. The family in Syria are obviously having an awful time but so far they are still with us. My computer hard drive packed up, so I have a lot of missing photos, and a 40% complete manuscript for a book :(, but I will hold on to it just in case the science of hard drive recovery improves in future. Better to lose the photos than the people.

Tonight the kids are both going to parties. Fahed & I are home alone. We plan to watch all of the cheesy end of year programmes on TV, we have a nice curry planned, some wine but only or me. Fahed is kindly staying up until 2.30 to bring one lot of kids back home. The other is sleeping over at a friends. No wasted taxi fare with us.

Farewell 2012, you did pretty good.


  1. Glad you father is doing better. Wish you could say the same for the relatives in Syria. I hope you will be able to relay happy news soon.

  2. Happy New Year Lizzie!


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