Could I just have quick whine please?

I am sorry. I hate whiners but I am just going to be one.

I have been very lucky in the current recession. I still have a job and last year we had a small pay rise, after two years of actually losing money. My husband lost one of his jobs but he still makes money from the second job. My eldest son has some work but not enough. I pay or a lot of his expenses and he doesn't contribute to the household finances (he does contribute in other ways, just not actual £££'s). My youngest son doesn't have a job but he has sponsorship and job promise from September. So all in all its okay, in fact we are full of future promise.

I was just reading MW's post. I really miss our winter trips to Europe, sometimes France, a couple of visits to Ostend and Brugge, Amsterdam. Munich would have been good. In act anywhere with a Christmas Market and a nice Chrismassy attitude.

I need to be more organised this year. Get away a couple of times. Get out and about more generally, but of course frugally.